017-21 NSU TRED Annual Report FY2021_Web

NSU TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 3 Each year, I feel privileged to work with Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) central research department sta , whose expertise, experience, resources, and continued e orts support the ambitious research endeavors of our faculty, students, and other research professionals. Translational Research and Economic Development (TRED) is a diverse group of o ces, along with a core center of research facilities, that facilitates and enriches the research of both junior and senior investigators. We are engaged in proposal development, grant management, research compliance, capacity building, networking, and technology transfer. Our accomplishments are realized through and amplified by the scholarship and other successes of our scientists, engineers, humanists, and artists as well as our business, law, and medical professionals and other academicians. We continually evaluate and improve our services for the entire NSU research community. Our 2020–2021 fiscal year included some notable achievements and improvements to our service o erings. In addition to these enhancements, we continue to provide state-of-the-art research facilities and support through our Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) Core Research Facilities, accessible to all NSU investigators. These fee-for-service labs include flow cytometry, imaging, genomics and bioinformatics, cell therapy, and a vivarium. We have additional o ces for those engaged in research with implications beyond the lab. Our O ce of Clinical Research supports faculty conducting clinical trials, whose work aims to improve the quality of health care. Additionally, the O ce of Technology Transfer identifies and helps researchers negotiate the protection and commercialization of their intellectual and technological inventions. Current and prospective grant seekers engage with two additional units in our department: the O ce of Sponsored Programs and the Grant Writing Laboratory. The O ce of Sponsored Programs provides all the tools and support NSU faculty need to apply for, and manage, both internally- and externally-funded projects. The Grant Writing Laboratory provides research development support to assist in project ideation, finding funding, and grantsmanship as well as providing opportunities for researchers to interact and develop new collaborations. We are all committed to and motivated by the NSU research community, and look forward to leveraging past successes and seizing future opportunities to further build our institution’s research stature. Gary S. Margules, Sc.D. Vice President for Research VICE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE