NSU Publications Style Manual

57 10-051-20DBB Reverse (knocked-out) Printing that outlines letters or artwork against a dark background. Rough layout (mock-up) The first, often penciled sketches indicating the eventual publication design. Scanning The process of converting hard copy material into a nonmanipulatable electronic format. Screens Used for converting photos to a dot pattern for printing or to create various tints or tones from solid colors. Self-mailer Publication meeting postal requirements that has a printed indicia for mailing without an envelope. Tabloid Half the size of a standard newspaper, folded magazine-style. Text Manuscript or words, usually written and supplied by the client; also referred to as copy. Updated Reprint A previously printed publication with only minor changes being made. A new job number will be issued. Varnish Clear finish—either dull or glossy—added to a printed piece to enhance its appearance. White space Area in a design not occupied by type or artwork. Wordmark, or logo, is usually a distinct typographic treatment of the name of an institution that is used for branding purposes.