NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

56 Hardcopy Proof A proof that is printed on paper or another substance. High contrast A quality in photos emphasizing light and dark areas, eliminating some or all of the in-between tones. Illustration A graphic, picture, or design created by hand or machine. Indicia Postal information, including permit number and class of mail, printed on a publication or envelope. Italic A typeface with letters slanted to the right. Justified type Left and right margins are even, resulting in proportional spacing between words. Layout Design sketch showing the relative positions of copy and artwork as they will appear in the finished publication. Line art Art created by solid lines rather than halftones. Logo A graphic mark or emblem commonly used to promote instant public recognition of an organization. Logos can be either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark). Logo Lockup A logo with additional name added in a standardized manner Masthead Also called nameplate. The title design of a particular publication, such as a magazine or newspaper. Mock-up A simulation of the final publication, indicating folds, pages, colors, and finished size. One-color The least expensive color process (black is a color). Page One side of a leaf in a publication. Page Spread Two pages that face each other and are designed as one visual or production unit. Paper Also called stock; basic to the publication’s overall look. Perfect Binding Binding that uses a flexible adhesive instead of staples (as in saddle stitch), resulting in a spine; larger catalogs and handbooks are usually perfect bound. Photocopy Inexpensive facsimile produced by a machine like Xerox. Normally black, the image can be done in color on some machines. Printer’s Proof Hardcopy proofs showing all job elements in place and color corrections that may be requested. Production Putting design and type elements together, creating a final proof. Proofreaders’ marks Standard marks used in proofing and editing to indicate changes/corrections. Proofreading Checking a previously edited proof for typos only, not content; also called proofing. Proofs Photocopies of typeset text and layout for proofreading. Ragged Referring to an unjustified margin, whether left or right. Resolution or Image Resolution The detail an image holds. The term applies to digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail. Images can be said to be high, low, or medium resolution. Reprint Extra press run of a publication. Return card (business reply) A card meeting postal regulations that is attached to a publication. Post office charges only for cards that are returned.