NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

22 magazine names Italicize the title; if the word magazine is not part of the publication’s official title, lowercase it and put it in roman type: Harper’s Magazine, Time magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report. See also newspaper names and titles of works. Make-A-Wish Foundation, Women In Distress See Kids In Distress. makeup (noun), make up (verb), make-up (adj.) man, mankind To avoid sounding sexist, use humanity or humankind instead. See also sexism. marketplace (noun) MasterCard M.B.A. vs. MBA See academic degrees. meaningful A vague term that weakens writing; rephrase to avoid. • We are changing the curriculum to accomplish these ends. • NOT We are instituting many meaningful changes in the curriculum. memorandum The plural is memorandums. microcomputer (noun) See computer terms. midterm (adj., noun) money Isolated references to U.S. currency are spelled out or expressed in numerals in accord with the general rules discussed under numbers (spell out one through nine; express 10 and above in numerals). If the number is spelled out, so is the unit of currency, and if numerals are used, the dollar sign ($) is used. Always write out cents. • On my seventh birthday, I was thrilled to receive one dollar from each of my aunts. • I generously gave my little sister 10 cents that had been languishing in my sock drawer. Don’t use periods and zeros after a whole dollar amount unless you’re comparing it to a fractional dollar amount. • The application fee is $20. • BUT I was going to pay $16.00 for the CD, but I found it on sale for $13.95. Sums of money that it would be cumbersome to express in numerals or to spell out in full may be expressed in units of millions or billions, for example, accompanied by numerals and a dollar sign. • The university received a donation of $1 million. • $4.5-million endowment See also numbers. more than vs. over When you’re describing a comparative amount, use more than. Over refers to a direction. • We have more than 30 full-time faculty members. • She saved more than $1,000 for her college expenses. • He flew over the lake in the plane. movie titles See titles of works. M