NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

20 J.D. See academic degrees. Jr., Sr. NSU style sets off Jr. or other suffixes following a name with commas. • Ray Ferrero, Jr., is the university chancellor. In all university publications, keep the use of Jr. and Sr. consistent with NSU style. • EXCEPTION: Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall is written without commas. Numbers after names are not set off from the name with commas. • George L. Hanbury II, university president, made a speech to the graduating class. See comma in the Guide to Punctuation and Usage on page 41. judgment No e before the suffix See also acknowledgment. junior kindergarten This term refers to NSU University School’s version of prekindergarten. The abbreviation is JK, not junior-k. The full, spelled-out version does not need to be capped. Kids In Distress, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Women In Distress Note the capitalization. knowledgeable (adj.) Note the e before the suffix. lamppost One word laptop (adj., noun) One word lawmaker (noun) less Should not be misused for fewer. Fewer refers to a specific or countable number; less refers to a general comparative amount. • There were fewer than 300 people. • The college had fewer students this term. • We were less than half done when the bell rang. letter salutations When substituting a title for a proper name, capitalize the title. Dear Human Resources Professional, lifelong One word, as in lifelong learning life-size (adj.) No final -d, but see Olympic-sized. life span Two words, as in life span care Iifestyle, lifetime (noun) One word lists There are two styles of lists: run-in style and outline style. Follow these general rules and consult the Chicago Manual of Style for more specific instruction. Run-In Style Enumerated lists, those that take letters or numbers, can remain in running text if they are short and not too numerous. Numbers or letters should be in parentheses, JK L