NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

17 G geographical terms See directions and regions. See also addresses and capitalization. GI Bill® girls, boys See boys, girls. Give Kids A Smile Day Note the capitalization. GPA, grade point average GPA stands for grade point average. The abbreviation does not take periods, and the words grade point average are not capped, even when they precede the parenthetical abbreviation. She has a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5. grades (academic) Lowercase the word grade in running text. When a number follows the word grade, express the number as a numeral. Students in grade 2 at NSU University School put on a play. When a number precedes the word grade (i.e., when the number is ordinal rather than cardinal), lowercase the word grade and spell out the number. NSU University School’s fourth grade went on a field trip. See also numbers. grades (letter) Use the capital letter alone—no quotation marks around it. Make the letter italic. Those who miss the final exam will receive an F in the course. graduate (verb) Use the active voice. She graduated (NOT was graduated) from NSU. Grandparents Day No apostrophe GRE Graduate Record Exam (Note: Record is singular.) groundbreaking, groundbreaker Single words, no hyphens, whether adjectives or nouns