NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

16 If you’re quoting a foreign phrase, put it in italics and include the appropriate diacritical marks. If you’re mentioning the name of a foreign place or person, include diacritical marks but skip the italics. foreseeable future Avoid this cliche. Fortune 500 A specific designation; do not italicize. fractions In nonscientific, running copy, spell out all fractions. • Less than one-third of the class failed the exam. Use numerals for fractions with whole numbers. • That fax machine uses only 8½ by 11-inch paper. Whenever possible, use case fractions (¾) as opposed to writing out the numerals with a slash (3/4). If case fractions are not available, leave a space between the whole number and the fraction, as in 8 1/6. freelance One word, no hyphen freshman Although some institutions use this term to refer to both undergraduate and graduate students in their first year of study, NSU designates the former group of students freshmen until they have fulfilled certain curricular requirements. To avoid giving the impression that a student automatically fulfills these requirements after one calendar year of study, use the term freshman in all undergraduate publications. See also first-year student. Fulbright Always takes an initial cap, as in a Fulbright grant. full-time, full time (also part-time, part time) • (adj.) She has a full-time job. • (adv. phrase) She works full time. fund-raiser (noun), fund-raising (noun), fund-raising (adj.) MW hyphenates the nouns, as well as the adjective. • Her success as a fund-raiser was unequalled. • Fund-raising is at a record high. • Our fund-raising success exceeds our wildest dreams. See also compound words. further See farther, further.