NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

7 bullets When making a bulleted list, do not capitalize the bullets unless they are complete sentences. All the bullets in a list should have parallel construction. This means, they should all be sentences, or all not be sentences. If the bullets complete the sentence before the list, you do not need a colon before the list. Do not use punctuation at the end of the bullet unless it is a sentence. The classes were • math • science • history We will need the following: • a piece of muslin • a flint • some black powder See also lists. businesses See names of businesses. businessman/men The words businessperson and businesspeople are more inclusive. See also sexism. capital vs. capitol capital: topmost or chief (lowercase) • capital punishment • a capital city • a capital letter capitol: a building where a legislature meets (lowercase) • The legislature will meet in the capitol today. But the Capitol: where the U.S. Congress meets (uppercase) • The U.S. Congress will meet in the Capitol in D.C. today. • Capitol Hill capitalization The following rules apply to running text (e.g., copy in paragraph form in brochures, newsletters, magazine articles, flyers, advertisements). These rules adhere to a “down” style of capitalization (i.e., a predominant practice of lowercasing words), which gives the copy a clean and modern look. Capitalization in other formats featuring lists or freestanding lines of text (e.g., memorandum headings, commencement programs, invitations) may differ, often tending toward a more extensive use of capital letters. For a comprehensive discussion of capitalization, see The Chicago Manual of Style. See also titles of people and titles of works. Capitalize these elements. Job titles that directly precede a person’s last name when no first name is used • Dean Pohlman, President Hanbury, Professor Doan Named academic professorships and fellowships • Alfred R. Welman Distinguished Service Professor, Professor Emeritus Wellington Kingsley, The Leo Goodwin Sr. Chair in Law • BUT Fulbright scholar Complete academic degree names (whether spelled out or abbreviated) • She has a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. • He has a Master of Science degree. • He graduated with a Doctor of Nursing degree. C