NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

6 baccalaureate Although MW lists this word as a noun, it is more accurately used as an adjective to describe a bachelor’s degree or a service in which one is conferred. backyard One word based on The safest place for this much-abused phrase is after a to be verb. • Our decision to reprint the Twilight School brochure was based on last year’s increase in enrollment. Don’t let this modifier dangle at the beginning of a sentence. Here’s the test: At the beginning of a sentence, if you can substitute because of or given, do so. • Because of last year’s increase in enrollment, we decided to reprint the Twilight School brochure. • NOT Based on this year’s increase in enrollment, we decided to reprint the Twilight School brochure. You also can substitute on the basis of, but that will clutter your sentence with prepositions. Note: Avoid using based upon; it is unwarranted. See also dangling modifiers and due to. BCE/CE Use BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) instead of BC and AD. They should be all capital letters with no periods. According to CMS, both BCE and CE are listed following the date. See also dates. because Don’t use as a substitute for that. • The reason I left the focus group was that I felt sick. • OR I left the focus group because I felt sick. • NOT The reason I left the focus group was because I felt sick. Beginning a sentence with because is correct as long as you’re not unintentionally creating a fragment. • Because I wanted to have a glowing complexion, I vowed to drink eight glasses of water each day. • NOT Because I said so. See also reason . . . is that and since. Bible, biblical The noun takes an initial cap but no italics or underline; lowercase a preceding the unless it begins a sentence. • She read a verse from the Bible. • The Bible was her only comfort. Lowercase the adjectival form. • The biblical passage brought him to tears. See also dates. black See African American. See nationality and race. boys, girls These terms are acceptable in publications for NSU University School and the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development. In university publications that address adult students, use men, women, or students instead. B