Student Organization Handbook

19 ABA REPORTING OF STUDENT COMPETITIONS The American Bar Association (ABA) requires law schools report the number of upper-class students involved in moot court, trial, and other competitions. Please send the associate dean of academic affairs the name of all competitors in each intramural and interscholastic competition your organization sponsors this year, as the events occur. Moot Court The Moot Court Society has been one of the most prestigious and active societies of the Shepard Broad College of Law. Membership in the society provides students with an opportunity to supplement their “book learning” with practical experience in appellate-level oral advocacy. NSU Trial and Appellate Advocacy (NTA) The NSU Trial and Appellate Advocacy Program offers multiple experiential opportunities to practice litigation and transactional skills in multiple areas of the law. Transactional Law Practice Group The Transactional Law Practice Group organization is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to learn and develop practical skills related to the transactional practice of law. JOURNALS • ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law • Law Review The Nova Law Review and the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law offer opportunities for students to engage in intensive legal research, analysis, and writing, thereby preparing them for the rigors of legal practice and public service. Students on these journals share the all-important work of criticizing, reconstructing, and polishing each article for publication until it is ready for publication. Students must also author their own note or comment on a topic of their choice. It is possible for students to earn 1 or 2 credits per semester on the journal depending on their position on the journal. Students MUST register to earn credits during the semester which they serve on the journal during the registration period.