Student Organization Handbook

18 HONORS STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Nova Trial Association (NTA) Moot Court Law Review International Law Student Association (ILSA) Journal of International and Comparative Law Transactional Law Practice Group COMPETITIONS Trial and Appellate Advocacy Student Competition Teams • Moot Court • NSU Trial Association • Transactional Law Each year, the Moot Court Society, NSU Trial Association, Transactional Law student organizations, and others sponsor mock appellate, trial, negotiation, and transactional teams that compete in national competitions. Several opportunities each year are subject-area specific; the remainder are opportunities designed to develop general practice skills. Students interested in a specific subject area should plan to try out for and compete in a competition that matches their interests. Students interested in litigation or transactional law generally may consider a wider variety of available opportunities offering those competition experiences. There are specific eligibility requirements for each team, and students must contact the specific student organization sponsoring a competition team to ensure eligibility. It is possible for students to earn up to 2 credits for competitions. Some teams split the credits between oral advocates (1 credit) and brief writers (1 credit). COLLEGE OF LAW STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS