Student Organization Handbook

14 7. Invite the speakers and guests. • Work with your faculty adviser, OCPD, and Student Services. • Remember that representation matters! • Get speaker bios. • Provide room information. • Provide parking information (Appendix E). 8. Create the script, panelist questions, or PowerPoint. • Use bios for impactful questions. • Contact your faculty adviser, OCPD, Student Services, or Public Interest for practical questions and guidance. • Provide questions to panelists at least seven days prior to the event. 9. Market your event and collect RSVPs. • Send invitations to all organization members. • Prepare flyers for posting in student lounge and flyer stations around campus. • Contact to request that your event be added to on-campus screens, weekly newsletters, and the law events website. • Utilize social media for student organizations. • Request students RSVP via email or Microsoft Form. Email l aw_e for Microsoft Form RSVP template. • Per NSU Law’s Code of Academic Conduct, students are not permitted to utilize the ALLSTUDENT listserv. If you wish to message all students, please contact the dean of students for assistance. 10. Follow event-related ordering procedures. • SBA-funded organizations should refer to the Student Activity Fee Manual for information on securing checks and contracts, and for reimbursements. • Preapproved vendors can be found in the Student Activity Fee Manual. • Honors organizations should contact NSU Law’s student coordinator.