2011 NSU Research and Technology Transfer Brochure

Hilary Surratt, Ph.D., and Steven Kurtz, Ph.D., along with their research team, conduct investigations funded by the National Institutes of Health that focus on the prevention and reduction of substance abuse and HIV risk among vulnerable populations . Surratt and Kurtz join NSU researchers from medicine, pharmacology, psychology, social and human sciences, and criminal justice to work on interdisciplinary approaches to substance abuse and HIV epidemiology, prevention, and intervention research. Another interdisciplinary study is led by Ana Maria Castejon, Ph.D., a professor at NSU’s College of Pharmacy. She is working with NSU researchers from the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development and pediatricians from NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine to study the effects of a whey protein supplement on autistic behaviors . Support for this research is provided in part by Immunotec, Inc. Hilary Surratt, Ph.D.