HPD OT Ft Lauderdale Entering Class 2019-2020

14 | Occupational Therapy ENTRY-LEVEL M.O.T. APPLICATION PROCEDURES 1. Nova Southeastern University subscribes to the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service, known as OTCAS. All applicants should apply online using the OTCAS application. The OTCAS may take up to six weeks verifying supporting docu- ments. Therefore, early application is highly recommended. Applicants to the M.O.T. program must • submit the online OTCAS application at otcas.org (opening July 18), by January 2 (Priority will be given to individuals whose applications have been verified in OTCAS by January 2.) • send the following supporting documents directly to OTCAS at the address below ♦ an official transcript from the registrars of all colleges and universities attended (mailed directly to OTCAS by the college or university) ♦ three completed evaluations, on the required forms, from individuals (other than relatives) such as academic instructors/professors, health professionals, work supervisors, or volunteer supervisors (At least one completed evaluation form must be from an occupational therapist.) ♦ official Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores (less than five years from the date of matriculation) in all three areas of the general test (verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing) OTCAS P.O. BOX 9120 Watertown, MA 02471 Phone: (617) 612-2860 ✔ TIP To ensure your application goes to the M.O.T. program, be sure to select the Nova Southeastern University Master of Occupational Therapy portal when completing your electronic OTCAS application form. 2. NSU only receives applications after they have been verified by OTCAS. Once the OTCAS application has been received by the university, the Office of Admissions will contact the applicant and require him or her to complete an NSU application online. The deadline for the NSU application is March 1 for the M.O.T. program. ✔ TIP Although there are deadlines for the NSU application form, the M.O.T. program operates on a modified rolling admissions basis. Therefore, it is in an applicant’s best interest to submit all application materials as soon as they are completed. Go to healthsciences.nova.edu/ot/mot/application_procedures.html for the most cur- rent information on application procedures. Follow the instructions to complete and submit the NSU application and $50, nonrefundable fee by March 1 to be considered. All data submitted in support of OTCAS and this application become the property of NSU and cannot be returned. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the universi- ty of any changes of address or telephone number.