HPD OT Ft Lauderdale Entering Class 2019-2020

Nova Southeastern University | 13 PREREQUISITE COURSES Course Title Semester Hours Natural Sciences Biology with lab 3–4 (introduction, general, or principles of) Anatomy (human) and physiology (including lab) 4 OR Anatomy (human) with lab 4 AND Physiology with lab 3–4 Physics with lab (general, college) 3–4 OR Kinesiology 3–4 Note: None of the science courses can be applied. Social Sciences Psychology 6 Human growth and development or developmental psychology 3 (must cover infancy through aging) Other social sciences 3 (e.g., ethnic studies, anthropology, sociology, ethics) Humanities English composition 6 OR English composition 3 AND a writing-intensive course 3 AND a 4.0 on the writing analytical section of the GRE Other humanities (e.g., art, communications, literature, 9 foreign language, history, philosophy, logic, or humanities) Math Statistics 3 Other Medical terminology (college) 1 (minimum) Applicants must demonstrate computer and wordprocessing competency. RECOMMENDED COURSES The following additional courses will also help in the occupational therapy curriculum. Course Title Semester Hours Ethics 3 Public speaking 3 Theories of personality 3 Logic/philosophy 3 ✔ TIP Want to learn more about the Master of Occupational Therapy Program from behind the scenes? Come see what our campus has to offer during an M.O.T. Backstage Pass Event. For more information, visit healthsciences.nova.edu/ot /tour.html.