NSU's College of Optometry Entering Class of 2023

4 | Optometry COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY OVERVIEW DEGREES • Doctor of Optometry • Master of Science in Clinical Vision Research What makes NSU’s College of Optometry so special? Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry is the only optometric academic institution in the state of Florida. Students can enjoy South Florida’s renowned weather, beaches, and other attractions and participate in the college’s numerous student organizations while receiving strong didactic and clinical training that will thoroughly prepare them for their professional careers. INTERPROFESSIONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT • safe, green campus in beautiful greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida • new clinical optometric procedures laboratory with simulation lab • multidisciplinary learning environment fostering respect and cooperation among the health professions ■ community service and volunteer opportunities with students from other health care disciplines ■ integrated and multidisciplinary clinical facilities • one of Florida’s largest library/resource centers with multimedia and electronic facilities, a performing arts theater, and more • culturally and geographically diverse student populations • annual international medical outreach trips providing rewarding clinical experiences