NSU's College of Optometry Entering Class of 2023

Nova Southeastern University | 3 NSU COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY VISION Through excellence and innovations in teaching, research, service, and learning, Nova Southeastern University’s College of Optometry strives to be recognized by accrediting agencies, the academic and optometric communities, and the general public as a premier college of optometry of quality and distinction that engages all students and produces alumni who serve with integrity in their lives, professional organizations, and optometric careers. PURPOSE To prepare, educate, and train optometric physicians to practice at the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism, and to provide a multidisciplinary environment that encourages and supports scholarship, community service, and lifelong learning. Goal 1— Students will graduate from the program with the necessary skills and knowledge to practice optometry. Goal 2—Students and faculty members will participate in scholarly activities. Goal 3— Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry will assist optometrists in their ongoing pursuit to improve their skills and knowledge base. Goal 4— Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry will contribute, through education and service, to the greater communities in which our faculty members, students, and graduates participate.