NSU's College of Optometry Entering Class of 2023

16 | Optometry GOLD KEY INTERNATIONAL OPTOMETRIC HONOR SOCIETY Highlights • recognized by the AOSA as the highest honor for leadership that can be achieved for an optometry student • membership through appointment only • acknowledges the few select members who are chosen each year (less than 10 percent of the optometry class) for professional and ethical attitudes through leadership and service to the class, college, and profession HONORS PROGRAM Highlights • The program is designed to encourage students to reach beyond the traditional curricular boundaries. • The Faculty Honors Committee extends invitations to participate in the program to students based upon academic achievement and professionalism. • Service, scholarship, and research experiences are all part of the honors program’s curriculum. NATIONAL OPTOMETRIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION (NOSA) Highlights • dedicated to increasing minority participation in optometry • provides service to schools and churches in minority communities through vision screenings and presentations NOVA OPTOMETRIC PRACTICE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (NOPMA) Highlights • primary mission is to expose optometry students to real-world optometry, business practice planning, and career opportunities STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS, continued • provides tools so members can make the best of their optometric careers, including, but not limited to, business plans, curricula vitae and résumés, start-up consulting, contract and partnership advice, insurance and billing information, optical business resources, and accounting and financial resources such as loan management and investment advice OPTOMETRIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION FOR OCULAR DISEASE (OSAOD) Highlights • designed to further interest and education in the field of optometry with specific focus and concentration in ocular disease • features speakers with extensive clinical knowledge in the area of ocular disease