NSU's College of Optometry Entering Class of 2023

Nova Southeastern University | 15 CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF OPTOMETRY STUDENTS (CAOS) Highlights • support group for all Canadian optometry students studying at NSU • provides information and awareness regarding the profession, as well as issues such as obtaining immigration papers, a U.S. driver’s license, and provincial financial aid • sometimes arranges guest speakers from Canada COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRISTS IN VISION DEVELOPMENT (COVD) Highlights • is a full-scope optometric care organization dedicated to the enhancement of vision • brings together optometric students who have demonstrated professional interest and proficiency in helping people develop and enhance scholastic achievement, vocational competence, social interaction, and emotional well-being CONTACT LENS AND CORNEA SOCIETY Highlights • disseminates information to students, faculty members, and the community about contact lenses, contact lens care, and corneal conditions related to contact lenses • strives to provide information about newest contact lenses and contact lens care systems, as well as latest contact lens-relevant corneal studies • works to engage students in participating in contact lens-related studies and research FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN OPTOMETRISTS (FCO) INTERNATIONAL Highlights • helps optometrists become established in the type of mission work that combines eye care and the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, both in the workplace and on mission fields around the world • desires to promote andmaintain fellowship among optometrists, while creating an environment for spiritual growth FLORIDA OPTOMETRIC STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (FOSA) Highlights • serves as the student branch of the Florida Optometric Association (FOA) • exposes optometry students to networking and career opportunities • shares a mission with the FOA to ■ advance and promote the quality, availability, and accessibility of primary eye care and related health care fields to Florida’s citizens ■ represent the profession of optometry ■ enhance and promote the independent and ethical decision-making of our members ■ assist and enable optometric physicians to practice their profession, ensuring the highest standards of patient care