Optometry Student Handbook 2024-2025

32 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook • creating a false email address • propagating electronic mail chain, pyramid schemes, or sending forged or falsified email • obtaining, possessing, using, or attempting to use someone else’s password regardless of how the password was obtained • copying a graphical image from a website without permission • posting a university site-licensed program to a public bulletin board • using illegally obtained licensed data/software, or using licensed data/software in violation of their licenses or purchase agreements • releasing or threatening to release a virus, worm, or other program that damages or otherwise harms a system, network, or data • preventing others from accessing services • attempting to tamper with or obstruct the operation of NSU’s computer systems or networks • using or attempting to use NSU’s computer systems or networks as a means for the unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, or data outside the university • improper peer-to-peer file sharing • viewing, distributing, downloading, posting, or transporting child or any pornography via the web, including sexually explicit material for personal use that is not required for educational purposes • using university resources for unauthorized purposes (e.g., using personal computers connected to the campus network to set up web servers for illegal, commercial, or profit-making purposes) • violating federal copyright, intellectual property, and/or trademark laws or the NSU copyright, intellectual property, and/or policy Inappropriate conduct and violations of this policy will be addressed by the appropriate procedures and agents (e.g., the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Office of Human Resources) depending on the individual’s affiliation to the university. In cases where a user violates any of the terms of this policy, the university may, in addition to other remedies, temporarily or permanently deny access to any and all NSU information technology resources, and appropriate disciplinary actions may be taken, up to, and including, dismissal. Enterprise Username and Password Policy Policy Rationale NSU’s network and information systems provide the technical foundation for conduct of its academic, research, and administrative missions. Providing this open access to information technology is imperative to ensuring academic freedom at the institution. An important part of providing this network access is ensuring that the network and associated information is secure.