Optometry Student Handbook 2024-2025

20 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook A. General Administrative Policies and Guidelines A.1 Alcohol Policy Nova Southeastern University, as an institution of higher education, is dedicated to the well-being of all members of the university community—students, faculty members, employees, and administrators. Concerned with the misuse of alcohol and other drugs (both licit and illicit), NSU endeavors to prevent substance abuse through programs of education and prevention. NSU recognizes alcoholism and drug abuse as illnesses or treatable disorders, and it is NSU’s policy to work with members of the NSU community to provide channels of education and assistance. However, it is the individual’s responsibility to seek help. NSU also recognizes that the possession and/or use of certain substances is illegal. NSU is further obligated to comply with all local, state, and federal laws. The policy governing the use of alcohol by students at NSU is in compliance with the laws of the state of Florida prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons who are minors (under the age of 21). The policy is based on the use of alcohol in moderation and under appropriate circumstances. The university recognizes that students are adults and are expected to obey the law and take personal responsibility for their own conduct. The laws of the state of Florida prohibit the possession or consumption of alcohol by individuals younger than 21 years of age. 1. The university will not authorize the use of student activity fees or other student funds collected and administered by the university to provide alcoholic beverages for any student event. 2. T he sale, delivery, possession, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on any property owned and controlled by NSU is strictly prohibited, except as licensed by the state of Florida or otherwise permitted in these regulations. The use of alcoholic beverages on university premises shall be considered a privilege and may be allowed only if consistent with state laws and university regulations, and only when it will not interfere with the decorum and academic atmosphere of the campus. 3. E xception to this prohibition is made for university housing residents of legal drinking age. The possession and use of alcoholic beverages in university housing is governed by the Residential Living Guide. 4. T he president, or an appropriate designee, may approve other exceptions to this prohibition to allow possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age at designated events and locations on campus. 5. T he use of alcoholic beverages off campus by students of legal drinking age is permissible. However, incidents of intoxication and/or misconduct are subject to university disciplinary action. Students are expected to comply with municipal, state, and federal laws pertaining to the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Any violation of these laws may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, probation, suspension, or expulsion from the university. Guidelines for the Use of Alcohol at University Student Events • Nova Southeastern University functions, which are student oriented, may serve only beer and wine. All requests for such events must be coordinated through NSU’s Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.