Optometry Student Handbook 2024-2025

College of Optometry (CO)—Master of Science (M.S.) in Clinical Vision Research 2024–2025 141 A student may not arbitrarily bypass any of the elements of this appeal procedure. All appeals must begin with the instructor of record and follow the sequence outlined in this student handbook. Incomplete Coursework A student receiving an incomplete (I) in any course must complete the course requirements within the term immediately following receipt of the incomplete grade, or the grade will become a fail (F). An instructor may, at the instructor’s sole discretion, demand that course requirements be completed on a shorter timescale than one term. A grade of I is appropriate only when the instructor deems that the student had a valid excuse for failing to complete the work—such as personal illness severe enough to seek medical help, severe illness or death within the third degree of kin, or other legitimate but unforeseen circumstances—has been validated. If a student fails to fulfill course requirements without a legitimate excuse, and it is inappropriate to award the grade of incomplete, a grade of F should be awarded. Academic Standing The categories for student academic classification are listed below with their associated guidelines. Good Standing • maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher and term GPA of 2.00 or higher Academic Warning • cumulative GPA lower than 2.75 or a term GPA lower than 2.0 Academic Probation • cumulative GPA lower than 2.0 Academic Dismissal • failure of three courses, cumulatively • failure of a repeated course Students on academic warning or academic probation will remain at that status until the GPA is raised appropriately or failed courses are remediated, retaken, or retested and passed. Students who have been dismissed are still responsible for all tuition and fees incurred for every term in which they were registered. Readmission Policy Any former student may apply for readmission to the M.S. in Clinical Vision Research program, even if the student has been previously dismissed for academic reasons. Readmission is the sole discretion of the dean. If the dean offers readmission to a student as an alternative to mandated dismissal, a specific Letter of Understanding must be prepared that sets forth, exactly, the conditions that must be met, including the student’s class status and date of matriculation. The student’s readmission will be contingent upon the student’s accepting and signing this Letter of Understanding.