Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO)—Master of Science (M.S.) in Clinical Vision Research 2023–2024 142 five business days of the date that the notification of dismissal was sent by the college. This letter must specify the basis for the appeal, and the SPAC will not consider any material at a hearing that was not clearly identified in this initial letter. The chair of the SPAC will schedule a hearing on the student’s appeal in a timely fashion. The student will be permitted to present the case to the SPAC, in person. This hearing shall be closed to everyone except the SPAC membership and the petitioning student, although witnesses with relevant information may be called by either side. The SPAC will reach a decision and make a recommendation to the dean, who may endorse or modify the outcome. The dean will prepare a letter detailing the dean’s decision. The student will be notified by email that this letter is ready, and the student will be directed to come to the dean’s office to retrieve it, after signing a receipt for the document. If the student fails to arrive in person, for whatever reason, to receive this written statement within 48 hours—excluding holidays and weekends (i.e., two business days) of the time that the email notification is posted by the administration, the student automatically forfeits any right to appeal the dean’s decision. The petitioner may appeal the dean’s decision to the Appeals Board of the CO (see below). A student may not introduce new issues or evidence that was available or should have been available at the time of the initial appeal to the SPAC at any stage of the sequence of appeals. While a student’s appeal is under consideration, the student may continue to attend classes and laboratories to avoid further academic liability, should a decision in the student’s favor be rendered. A student may not engage in the delivery of clinical care during the appeal process. In appealing a mandated academic dismissal, a student may not bypass any element in the chain of appeals. The initial appeal must be directed to the SPAC, and all subsequent appeals must follow the sequence outlined above. If a student fails to file an appeal of a mandated academic dismissal with the SPAC within the identified time frame, the student will be notified by the dean that the student is no longer a student at NSU, and that no route of appeal is available to the student by forfeit. Appeals Board All appeals in the M.S. in Clinical Vision Research program will proceed under the appeal policies and procedures utilized by the CO, as described elsewhere in this handbook. Code of Behavioral Standards All students enrolled in the M.S. in Clinical Vision Research program are governed by the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility adopted by NSU and the HPD, and by the additional rules and policies specified by NSU’s CO, as described elsewhere in this handbook.