Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO) 2023–2024 130 of Conduct must be approved by a simple majority vote of the regular faculty members of the college after consideration of student council input. Acknowledgment—Parts of this policy have been adopted with permission from the Honor Court policies of the Ohio State University College of Optometry and the Code of Ethics from the Southern California College of Optometry. Student Activities Students may participate in a variety of organizations that are officially recognized by the university. College of Optometry American Academy of Optometry (AAO) The mission of the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) is to unite optometrists of recognized professional ability and ethical standing for the purpose of affording them opportunities of educational advancement; to establish a standard of optometric practice; to encourage and assist optometric research; and to work along all lines to raise the standards of optometric practice, education, and ethics. American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) This is the international professional student organization for optometric students. The American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) consists of more than 7,100 optometry students from 25 schools and colleges of optometry in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The AOSA sponsors annual conferences that enable students to meet and gain knowledge through lectures, presentations, and exhibits. Beta Sigma Kappa (BSK) Beta Sigma Kappa (BSK) is an international optometric honor fraternity that has chapters at the 25 accredited schools and colleges of optometry in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. BSK is a fellowship of members who work jointly to promote academic and scientific excellence as well as high moral standards in the profession of optometry. The fraternity members “stand for an active, sympathetic interest in public welfare, particularly for the conservation of vision, the prevention of blindness, and for using their influence to further the best standards of professional education and practice” (The BSK Creed). Activities include tutoring, guest lecturers, vision screenings, fundraising events, and banquets. For more information, visit nova.edu/portal /optometry/governance/bsk. Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) The Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) is a support group for all of the Canadian optometry students studying at NSU’s CO. The goal is to provide students with information and