Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO) 2023–2024 125 13. A student shall not violate any applicable university policies, regulations or guidelines, or relevant federal, state, or local laws. 14. A student shall not participate in any activity that tends to compromise academic integrity or subverts the educational process. 15. A student shall not knowingly make a false allegation of a CO Rules of Conduct violation against another student. 16. A student shall not retaliate against those who make an allegation of a CO Rules of Conduct infraction or those that participate in the allegation process outlined in the Honor Court process or the NSU Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility. Article IV. Honor Court Administration Section 1. Composition of the Honor Council 1. The CO Rules of Conduct shall be administered by the Honor Council. 2. The Honor Council will be a standing committee appointed annually by the dean. 3. T he Honor Council shall consist of seven members: the student-elected vice president or designee from each class and three faculty members appointed by the dean annually. 4. The Honor Council chair will be the associate dean for Academic Affairs. 5. T he associate dean shall also serve as coordinator of the Honor Council. The coordinator shall serve as a nonvoting secretary of the Honor Council. The coordinator can bring matters to the Honor Council and conduct hearings and administrative business. Terms of Appointment on the Honor Council 6. Student members shall be appointed following annual elections each year. 7. Faculty members will be appointed in fall term with no restriction on reappointment. 8. The dean shall have the authority to appoint faculty members and student replacements to the Honor Council if existing members cannot complete the term of appointment. The dean shall have the authority to appoint faculty members and student emergency alternates to the Honor Council only if a quorum of members is not available for a meeting. 9. In the event a student vice president is not able to attend an Honor Council meeting, the class president, class secretary, or class treasurer (in this order) are the preferred alternates (appointed by the dean) as needed. 10. A ll members of the Honor Council (with the exception of the chair/coordinator) will be voting members. All members will have an equal vote. 11. T he Honor Council shall review the information received related to the reported violations of the CO Rules of Conduct and conduct hearings to determine the validity of the reported violations.