Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO) 2023–2024 118 service is to be completed prior to the start of the next academic year and is monitored by the director of Community Outreach for the CO. Students are permitted to perform optometrically related services (such as community outreach events), as well as fulfill other unmet needs in the community. Failure to report to a scheduled volunteer activity will require making up twice the time missed. Clinical Patient Encounter Log Students are required to maintain a detailed log of all patient encounters in which they participated during requisite rotation. These encounters are entered by students through Meditrek, a medical education management system. Course and Instructor Evaluation Each student has a responsibility in the student’s professional development to provide constructive evaluation for each course, clinical rotation, and instructor in the curriculum. This responsibility will be met by participation in course and clinical rotation evaluations that are routinely administered by the college. For clinical rotations in the second, third, and fourth years, students are provided with special evaluation forms to be used in independently assessing each rotation at its completion. These evaluations will be forwarded to the Office of the Dean for appropriate tabulation. It is the option of the college administration to withhold the release of a student’s grades until course evaluations have been submitted. Computer-Related Requirements Specific to the College of Optometry Every student enrolled in NSU’s CO is required to obtain and maintain an NSU email account throughout the period of enrollment. All program-related announcements and information are provided by email only to these NSU accounts. Notifications of grades, right of appeal, and other announcements of a timed or dated nature will be considered as delivered from the moment they are posted to a student’s email account, and NSU’s CO assumes no responsibility for forwarded messages. Additionally, an NSU account username and password are required for access to certain educational resources and services provided and/or required by the university and the CO. It should be noted that forwarding of email containing patient health information is prohibited by federal law. It is every student’s responsibility to comply with all university policies concerning the appropriate use of university computing resources. Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of one’s university computing privileges. Because an NSU account is required to access certain learning materials and services essential to progress within the optometry curriculum, loss of such privileges could make it impossible to complete the optometry degree program and could result in the student’s dismissal from the college. Each student is required to possess a personal computer for the student’s exclusive use. Functional specifications for this computer will be announced along with other elements of required equipment.