Optometry Student Handbook 2024-2025

College of Optometry (CO) 2024–2025 107 in a grade of F, regardless of the student’s performance up to that point unless unforeseen extenuating circumstances exist that compel the withdrawal. Students will not be permitted to withdraw from the program or to take a leave of absence solely to avoid the award of failing grades. Prior to 3 weeks before the end of the semester W in all courses With approval of administration Last 3 weeks of semester F in all courses Unless extenuating circumstances exist Grade Point Average (GPA) In calculating the grade point average (GPA), the final grade received shall be used. The GPA will be calculated using letter grades on a 4.0 scale, with weighting based on credit hours. Pass/fail course grades are not used to calculate GPA. In the event of successful reexamination in a course, a standard grade of C- is awarded and a 1.75 is used in GPA calculations. If a student fails a course that is graded on the pass/fail basis, and repeats the course successfully, the grade will be entered on the transcript as P. The original grade of F will still appear on the student’s transcript. Grade Disputes A student who wishes to dispute a grade in an examination, quiz, clinical encounter, or any other graded exercise must give written notice to the instructor of record within five business days of the date that notification is sent to the student of the score on the exercise, quiz, examination, or encounter. (Business days exclude Saturday, Sunday, and university-recognized holidays.) The written notice must identify precisely what issues the student is disputing, and no additional claims may be added to the original one(s) once the disputation process is initiated. Documentation must be delivered in person to the instructor and to the office of the associate dean for Academic Affairs. The instructor must respond to the student’s claim within five business days of the time the initial notice of dispute is delivered. If the instructor is not directly available, for whatever reason, the student must file written notice of the dispute with the concerned department chair, or in the department chair’s absence, with the associate dean for Academic Affairs. The expiration of deadlines will be based on the time that the instructor subsequently becomes involved. In the event that the student disagrees with the resolution offered by the instructor, the student may appeal the decision to the concerned department chair by presenting the department chair with a written description by letter (email not permitted) of the dispute within five business days of notification of the instructor’s decision. The student may not include new material in this letter of appeal if it was available to the student at the time the original dispute with the instructor was filed. The department chair’s decision is final. In the event that the student disputes a final grade in a course as it will be entered on the student’s transcript, the elements in the dispute must be confined to events that took place at the end of the course. These may include, but are not confined to, miscalculation of a final score or grade in the final examination, provided the appeal is filed within five business days of the notification of results; violation of the procedure laid out in the syllabus unless the instructor has announced, in advance, a change in the syllabus; transposition errors in recording the grade; or arbitrary actions taken in isolation from the rest of the class. A student is specifically barred from disputation of quiz or examination grades or any other graded exercise for which the five-day deadline has passed.