Nursing Student Handbook 2024-2025

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2024–2025 137 • A course can only be remediated one time. • A student who earns a grade lower than a C (75 percent) for the final course grade may remediate the course provided the student has attended all of the required Learning Enhancement Seminars (LES) for the course. • The course professor will contact any student who earns a grade of lower than a C (75 percent) for the final course grade within 24 hours of the final examination. • The course professor will verify with the program director that the student is eligible for course remediation. • The student should meet with the course professor to review concepts contained in the final examination and identify content areas of strength and areas for improvement. • The course professor will provide the student with a standardized packet of study materials compiled by faculty members who teach the course on all campuses. • A remediation examination will be scheduled no earlier than three business days and no later than five business days after the course final examination. • The remediation examination will be comprehensive in nature, include the same percentage of questions from each content area, and no more than 25 percent of the questions from the final exam. • The grade from a remediation exam can be no lower than a C (75). • If the student is successful in the remediation examination, the highest grade achievable will be a C (75 percent) for the course, and an E will be notated after the remediated grade on the student’s transcript. • A student who is unsuccessful on the remediation examination will receive a failing grade in the course. The grade will be either the pre-remediated or remediated course grade, whichever is higher. The program policies related to course failures will then be applied. Exit Requirements for the B.S.N. Programs All students must meet with their adviser every semester, including the last semester of enrollment, and review their Degree Works report and completion of all required courses. All students must apply for graduation and are responsible for the graduation fee payment prior to conferral of degree. Degrees cannot be conferred if there are any financial and/or library holds remaining on the student’s account. Information related to graduation is provided on the NSU website. All entry-level students are expected to attend the graduation ceremony. For the B.S.N. Programs An exit exam will be administered during NUR 4180 in the last semester of the program. All students are required to sit for this examination and reach the designated benchmark for the exam. Students who do not reach the designated benchmark will receive a grade of incomplete (I) for the course until