Nursing Student Handbook 2023-2024

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2023–2024 136 Appeals Committee Hearing Process • The chair will convene the hearing with only committee members present. • The chair will advise the committee members of the violation(s) and the department decision, review the evidence, respond to any questions, and provide opportunity for preliminary discussions. • The chair will call the student into the hearing room and introduce the student to the committee members. • The student will have an opportunity to present the appeal, provide statements and evidence in defense of alleged violation(s), appeal the degree of disciplinary action, summarize the student’s position, and respond to any questions from the committee members. • The chair will then dismiss the student from the hearing. • Witnesses will be called individually by the committee and questioned without the student being present. • Witnesses may be asked to remain outside the hearing room for later recall or may be dismissed at the committee’s discretion. • The committee members will render a decision on the student’s appeal by a majority vote of the voting members in attendance. The committee may delay the vote if it determines that additional information or facts are needed before a vote. Note: At the discretion of the committee, the chair of the respective department CSP and/or the respective department chair/director/associate dean designee/dean may also be called during the hearing. Notification of the Appeals Committee Decision The decision of the committee will be forwarded, in writing, by the chair to the student via certified mail to the student’s last known address, via email to the student’s NSU email address, or hand delivered with receipt. Copies will be delivered to the ACON dean, or designee. All decisions of the Appeals Committee will be final and binding. No further option for appeal will be considered. Identification of the Chemically Impaired Nursing Student The ACON adheres to the HPD program’s decision on policies on drug abuse. See Drug Policy—Zero Tolerance in the handbook. Students who report to class while chemically impaired or exhibit behaviors of chemical impairment will be removed from classes and clinical rotations. The student will be required to submit to a drug screening. Students with positive drug screen results will be referred to the CSP for disciplinary action, which may include expulsion/dismissal from the student’s program and the ACON. Students who are licensed nurses will be reported to the Board of Nursing.