Nursing Student Handbook 2024-2025

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2024–2025 136 Undergraduate Academic Programs Entry Nursing Program Description The entry nursing program is designed for students who are seeking initial licensure as a registered nurse. Continuous enrollment in this program is required. General Math Competency Students have a solid understanding of mathematical concepts upon entry into the B.S.N. in Nursing program, based upon the successful completion of prerequisite math courses that include 3 semester hours of Math 1040, or above, and 3 semester hours of statistics. To demonstrate basic knowledge of safe medication dosages in nursing, students who enter the ACON B.S.N. program must demonstrate math competency prior to starting clinical rotations. To ensure student success, students will engage in self-study activities to prepare for the math competency exam. 1. Students are responsible for learning dosage calculations and demonstrating competency. Students may not administer medications until the successful completion of the math competency exam. 2. Students will have three opportunities to take and pass the math competency exam. The first two attempts will occur during the first semester. 3. Students will have two attempts during the first clinical course, and if unsuccessful, the third attempt will be provided during the first week of the next clinical course. If the student does not pass the math exam on the third attempt, the student will be dismissed from the program. Course Remediation The ACON is committed to helping students achieve success as they transition to clinical and clinically related courses in the program. Remediation is available in the entry-level program for specific courses only. The purpose of course remediation is to assure mastery of the material taught in a course, not only for earning good grades, but also to develop proficiency to guide decision-making in clinical and nonclinical situations. Successful remediation of a course will result in a C(E) in the course and does not constitute a course failure. A student who does not pass the remediation exam will receive either the pre-remediated or remediated course grade, whichever is higher. The program policies related to course failures will then be applied. Course Remediation—NUR 3032 This section is only for course NUR 3032: Foundations of Pathophysiology. Remediation is provided in the aforementioned course with the following provisions: