Nursing Student Handbook 2024-2025

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2024–2025 116 Performance standards for all HPD students are identified in this student handbook. If a student is unable to meet the core performance standards, the student will be asked to obtain clearance from a health care provider prior to returning to the program. A student who experiences a health problem that may interfere with the ability to provide client care (e.g., surgery, fracture) must provide documentation from the health care provider indicating the ability to provide client care, in accordance with the expectations of the facility and the standards of the ACON. Health Insurance All ACON students are required to carry health insurance to cover their health care and meet requirements of the health care facility. Proof of insurance must be provided and students may not drop insurance while in the program. Students must use this health insurance for any needs during clinical/class times. Any ACON student may be seen at the Student Medical Center. For students at other NSU campuses, appointments may be scheduled with the NSU-designated physician for their area. Students must bring their school identification card and insurance card. At the end of their visit, they will receive a statement showing the services performed. Payment of all copayments and deductibles is expected at the time services are rendered. Students who have private health insurance must apply for a health insurance waiver to waive the NSU health insurance fee at Students are responsible for complying with this requirement by the NSU-designated due date each year, or they will be charged. Some insurance policies require a primary care provider (PCP) designation. In such cases, students should designate an NSU provider prior to visiting our health care center or the NSU-designated physician for their area. For a list of providers and participating insurance carriers, please visit the NSU Health website at Client Safety The faculty members recognize that nursing students are learners. However, the physical and emotional safety of a client cannot be placed in jeopardy. The inability of a student to provide consistent, safe care or to follow the policies and procedures of the affiliating agency or the school will result in the student being asked to leave the clinical area and may result in the student’s dismissal or being required to withdraw from the program. Background Checks See the HPD section on Background Checks. Students must also follow the requests and requirements of the clinical facilities. Students have the continuing obligation to disclose to the college any arrest or conviction, other than a minor traffic violation (those where no criminal conviction occurs and no first offender/pretrial diversion program was granted). A level 2 background check or an additional background check may be required of students completing certain rotations. If required, the student is responsible for payment. Offers of admission will not be considered final until the completion of the background check, with results deemed favorable by the NSU HPD.