Nursing Student Handbook 2023-2024

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2023–2024 108 • drops during the 8th through 14th day of term: 75 percent • drops during the 15th through 21st day of term: 50 percent • withdrawals after the 21st day of term: no refund Graduate Students Graduate students who wish to withdraw from the program or course, must submit a written request for voluntary withdrawal to the department chair or program director, who will evaluate the student’s request. After completing the required documentation and obtaining the dean’s and/or program director’s approval, an eligible student may receive partial refund of the tuition, according to the following formula: Drops during the first week of the semester in which classes begin............................................. 75 percent Drops after the first week of the semester in which classes begin................................................. No refund The withdrawal period starts with the second week of the semester and ends three weeks prior to the end of the semester. Students Enrolled in Programs that Have Drop/Add Programs Students enrolled in programs that have a drop/add period will have until 11:59 p.m., the Sunday of the start of the semester—which is the end of the drop/add period—to make changes in their schedule without incurring any financial expenses. Students who drop during the first week of classes will receive a reversal of 75 percent of their charged tuition. Students who drop after the first week of the semester will not be entitled to receive a refund. The start time of the semester may be adjusted based upon on the changes made to the university calendar. Withdrawals remain on the student transcripts as a notation of W, but will not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA). There is no financial refund when a student withdraws from a course. Not attending classes does not constitute an official withdrawal, and the student will receive grades based on course requirements and completed work. Readmission All students wishing to be readmitted to a nursing course from which they have withdrawn must notify the department chair or program director at least during the application cycle prior to their desired reentry date. Reenrollment in clinical courses is on a space-available basis. Because the second enrollment, if granted (postwithdrawal), is the last time for students to successfully accomplish course objectives, students are encouraged to realistically assess those factors that inhibited their accomplishment during the previous enrollment (financial limitations, family obligations, personal concerns, reading skills, etc.). Only when such an assessment has been made and necessary corrective steps taken, should students attempt a nursing course for the second time.