Nursing Student Handbook 2023-2024

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2023–2024 107 prior to any retake. If unresolved, the dispute may be forwarded to the program director, or designee, within five business days. Failure to submit a timely appeal will be considered a waiver of the student’s grade dispute appeal rights. The program director is the final appeal for all grade disputes, except in cases of potential dismissal. Dropping a Course For programs that have a drop/add period, dropping a course occurs during the first week of the term. For more information, as well as dates and times, visit the website of the Office of the University Registrar at No classes will be added or dropped unless approved by the program director. Dropping a course may affect the loans, scholarships, or grant aid that have been awarded prior to the drop. Students are expected to meet with financial aid prior to withdrawal/drop from the course. If a student has a tuition refund when dropping a course, this may result in a reduction of aid and a change in the balance due. Students may only drop any nursing course during the drop/add period, with approval of the program director. Academic Withdrawal from a Course/Program A student may withdraw from a course or program of study, with consultation of the student’s adviser and approval of the program director, provided that the student is passing the course(s). A grade of W will appear on the student’s transcript. Students on clinical rotation or practicum require prior approval from the program director for withdrawal. Withdrawal from a clinical rotation or practicum may significantly extend the length of the program of study. In making the request, the student understands that the student may not be eligible to return to the program before the next academic year and may be required to meet specified conditions prior to being permitted to return to the program. Withdrawal, Drop, and Readmission Students are eligible to withdraw from a course once they are past the drop/add period, provided that they are passing the course and the withdrawal period has not expired. Withdrawal The undergraduate student withdrawal period starts with the end of the drop/add period of each semester and ends three weeks prior to the end of the semester, or for students who are enrolled in eight-week courses, after the drop period and up to 66.6 percent of the term. Students who are not passing a course and are beyond the drop/add point will not be able to withdraw from the course. A student must meet with the program director to request and obtain approval for withdrawal. Students will be allowed only two withdrawals during their program of study. Undergraduate Students If an undergraduate student wishes to withdraw, after receiving approval from the student’s department chair or program director and completing the required withdrawal form(s), an eligible undergraduate student may receive a refund of the tuition, according to the following formula: • drops through the 7th day of the term in which the class begins: 100 percent