2010-2025 Strategic Business Goals

27 From left: First-year students Charles De La Rosa and Harsh Patel (first-year Executive Board vice president) distribute PPE packages at Broward Health. 2020-2025 Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Actual 2025 Target Diversity as an NSU core value Approved as a core value by the NSU Board of Trustees in 2010 Reaffirmed as a core value by NSU Board of Trustees in spring 2021 Achievement of additional outcomes outlined below Diversity engagement survey overall favorable response rate Survey not developed until 2011 77% 80% Create BEDI Advisory Board NSU Inclusion and Diversity Council formed as a grassroots effort by the NSU community In progress, the former Inclusion and Diversity Council is transforming into the BEDI Advisory Board with a more formal reporting structure to the president and provost Board to be formed by August 2021 Create BEDI university statement Nondiscrimination statements are published in student catalogs and on the NSU website In progress Statement completed and approved by university leadership by December 2021 Additional BEDI initiatives and target outcomes will be developed by the BEDI Advisory Board going forward. Significant achievements will be reported in future updates to the NSU Strategic Business Goals. Strategic Priority 5 BELONGING, EQUITY, DIVERSITY, AND INCLUSION Vision 2025 Strategic Business Goals