2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

18 18 NSU Core Value Descriptions Integrity Integrity involves honesty and fairness, consistency in instruction, ethics of scholarship, freedom of inquiry, and open and truthful engagement with the community through effective communication, policies and practices. Academic Excellence Academic excellence is the provision of the highest quality educational and learning experiences made possible by academically and professionally qualified and skilled instructional faculty and staff, opportunities for contextual learning, state-of-the-art facilities, beautiful surroundings, and effective resources necessary to support learning at the highest level. Additionally, academic excellence reflects the successful relationship between engaged learners and outstanding instructional faculty and staff. Community NSU is a community of faculty staff, students and alumni that share a common identity and purpose who engages with the university’s external community through diverse services, clinical programs, and community-based research and resources. Our community extends into professional, intellectual, as well as geographical domains that both support and are the focus of our educational mission. Diversity The dimensions of diversity include race, ethnicity, sex, age, physical characteristics, disability, religious affiliation, culture, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and diversity of thought and personal beliefs with mutual respect for all. Diversity makes NSU a stronger university and enriches the learning and working environment of all members of the NSU community. Inclusive excellence is achieved through creating an enhanced level of consciousness about these dimensions and supporting the ongoing development and implementation of programs and initiatives so that students, faculty, and staff can be empowered to pursue their full potential and do their very best work. Innovation Innovation is the creative and deliberate application of teaching, research, scholarship and service for effective education, and the development of useful products or processes providing a value added to the community.