NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

College of Pharmacy 201 PHRE 5351—Contemporary Issues in Pharmacy* This course is designed to explore a broad spectrum of contemporary issues related to pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical industry, third-party payment, and health policy. It will also increase student awareness and understanding of changes in pharmacy practices and its impact on the U.S. health care system. (48-0-3) PHRE 5353—Contemporary Topics in Pharmacy This course provides a broad spectrumof contemporary issues related to pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical industry, thirdparty payment, and health policy. It aims to increase student awareness and understanding of the changes in pharmacy practice and its impacts on the U.S. health care system. (32-0-2) PHRE 5389—Pharmacy Law of Puerto Rico This course covers the laws, regulations, and administrative orders that regulate the practice of the pharmacy profession; the occupation of a pharmacy technician; and the manufacture, distribution, and dispensing or dispatch of medications in Puerto Rico. Special emphasis will be given to the dispensing of controlled substances in accordance with applicable local and federal legislation. In addition, general aspects of professional law and ethics will be covered. (32-0-2) PHRE 5391—The Nuclear Pharmacy Experience This course covers and explains what a nuclear pharmacy is and the responsibilities, activities, and knowledge required in order to function as a nuclear pharmacist. The course places emphasis on radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive medication), their mechanisms of action, dose range, method of compounding, and ultimate role in the diagnosis of diseases and/or therapy. (32-0-2) PHRE 5401—Current Topics in Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy Specialized topics dealing with current issues, procedures, and policies related to sociobehavioral pharmacy are covered in this course. ([16–48]-0-[1–3]) PHRE 5411—Current Topics in Pharmacy Practice This course discusses topics on current issues, procedures, and policies related to pharmacy practice. Topics can vary from semester to semester. (32-0-2) PHRE 5417—Veterinary Pharmacotherapy This course is structured to provide pharmacy students with the necessary knowledge to be able to confidently prepare and dispense animal prescriptions and offer counseling to pet owners regarding these medications. Common diseases that affect canines and felines (small animals) will be discussed, as forecasting and planning, preclinical and clinical development, intellectual property protection assignment, supply chain logistics, pricing, and sales and marketing, culminating in a symposium (PharmaCon) where students will present their product launch to representatives from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The course examines drug safety and legal risks to practice, technological advances of the industry, economic and financial drivers of success, and populationbased health care. It also covers a wide landscape of evolving ethical issues in the marketplace and provides insight and guidance for students seeking pharmacy practice careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. (32-0-2) PHRE 5305—Pharmacy Practice in Managed Care Students learn and apply managed care pharmacy practice theory to provide medication therapy management, patient education, and counseling and to offer provider recommendations to optimize patient outcomes. Professional and leadership skills are reinforced as students work in an interdisciplinary team developing problem-solving skills, effective communication strategies, and team collaboration. Students use telephonic and remote patient monitoring systems and electronic health record databases to perform drug utilization reviews, medication reconciliation, and transitions of care. (16-48-2) PHRE 5311—Pharmaceutical Marketing This course provides students with a working knowledge of analysis, planning, and control of marketing efforts crucial to roles as managers and leaders in the pharmacy profession. Students learn about marketing management, customer behavior, design and management of service processes, and customer loyalty and satisfaction. Students will think in concrete terms and apply marketing knowledge as they develop marketing strategies for a pharmacy product or service. (32-0-2) PHRE 5345—Pharmacists, Pharmaceuticals, and the Media This course will explore how various forms of media have portrayed pharmacists over the years. It will also investigate how pharmaceuticals and other drugs are reported by the press and are presented by the entertainment industry. Students will discuss the content of articles. The phenomena and occurrence of drug effects (drug-taking experiences) are examined, integrating information from both pharmaceutical and social sciences, to study how and why drugs are used. Historical and cross-cultural examples are employed in this dialogue on the nature and meaning of drug-taking experiences and their influence on drug-taking behaviors. Prerequisite: P3 Standing (32-0-2) *This course is for Ph.D. and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences students only.