NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

200 College of Pharmacy PHRE 5205—Introductory Spanish for Pharmacists This course provides non-Spanish speakers with the first steps in speaking Spanish to better communicate with patients and caregivers whose primary language is Spanish. The course provides an introduction to the basic Spanish terms and phrases frequently used during patient-pharmacist interactions, and culturally appropriate strategies for communicating with Hispanic patients and families. (32-0-2) PHRE 5209—Advanced Pharmacokinetics* This course explains the model development techniques that can be utilized for complex pharmacodynamics systems. Advanced data analysis techniques and modem pharmacokinetic theory will be discussed in conjunction with PK/PD literature. (48-0-3) PHRE 5213—Epidemiology of Drug Use, Abuse, and Misuse* This course is designed to introduce doctoral students to the epidemiology of drug use, misuse, and abuse. The course focuses on drug use, misuse, and abuse as social phenomena and deals with the history of drug use and regulatory attempts in America; pharmacology and use patterns related to specific drugs; use, abuse, and misuse as medical, psychological, and social concepts; drug importation, manufacture, and distribution (including both the legal and illegal drug industries); perspectives on the etiology of drug use/abuse; drug abuse prevention and educational programs; and approaches to drug abuse treatment. (48-0-3) PHRE 5215—Advanced Pharmaceutical Compounding The course will provide advanced training in the art, science, and technology of pharmaceutical compounding. (32-0-2) PHRE 5221—Introduction to Molecular Medicine This course introduces content important to understanding the genetic basis of diseases, their identification, and their treatment. Additionally, the developing areas of cancer immune therapies and gene surgeries are covered. For students who may not possess a thorough knowledge of molecular biology and developing technologies, the course involves class presentations and other activities for developing a better understanding of the genetic basis of disease. (32-0-2) PHRE 5223—Drugs of Abuse This course covers types of substances abused, methods and routes of administration, the pertinent toxicokinetics, the pharmacological/toxicological mechanisms, and the clinical manifestations of drug abuse. Treatment of intoxication and withdrawal, societal impact of drug abuse, legal implications, and current trends of substance abuse are also discussed. Prerequisite: P3 Standing. (32-0-2) PHRE 5227—Pharmacoethics This course is designed to introduce students to bioethical issues encountered in health care, with emphasis on ethical problems related to pharmacy. Students will explore issues arising from advances in biotechnology, resource allocation, research using human subjects, informed consent, and the right to privacy as they impact on the legal rights and responsibilities of patients, health care providers, and government policy makers. (32-0-2) PHRE 5243—Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy This course provides an overview of medicinal drugs derived from plants and other natural sources. The major classes of medicinally active natural products, their origin (nomenclature + taxonomy), structure, biosynthesis, and mode of action will be covered. The naturally derived constituents and their therapeutic efficacy will be discussed. (32-0-2) PHRE 5245—Geriatric Patient Care Management This course addresses real-life pharmacotherapeutic cases related to geriatric patients. The course requires the application of the knowledge acquired from all previous courses in the curriculum. The course is organized and sequenced based on disease states that include problems ranging from therapeutic to social-behavioral issues related to the disease state. The course will allow students to integrate the knowledge and apply the skills obtained from all previous courses to develop decision-making and disease management processes. This course is an online elective course that utilizes the case study teaching method. Prerequisite: P3 Standing (32-0-2) PHRE 5301—Measuring, Improving, and Reporting Quality of Care in Pharmacy Practice This course explores optimizing patient outcomes by improving the quality of the Medication-Use Process. It focuses on the knowledge, skills, and methods which, if applied effectively, can assure a high-quality and safe patient and family health care experience in a variety of practice settings. The purpose of this course is to develop, integrate, and apply knowledge about quality improvement, performance measurement, and the transformation of the U.S. health care system to a valuebased system. Students will gain familiarity with the concepts of quality improvement, patient safety, and medication error prevention and how these concepts can be used in collaboration with patients, physicians, other health care professionals, administrators, and regulators. (32-0-2) PHRE 5303—Pharmacy Practice and Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Industries This course provides the student with a detailed overview of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the 21st century, focusing on pharmacy practice aspects of the sector. Students will follow a real drug/biologic through inception *This course is for Ph.D. and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences students only.