Fraternity & Sorority Life Manual

6 Fraternity and Sorority Life Standards All Social Greek-lettered Organizations are expected to meet the minimum standards set by The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office. Minimal standards include: Academics: A chapter must maintain, at a minimum, a 2.50 cumulative term grade point average as calculated by the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office at the end of each semester. Programming: It is recommended that each organization participate in at least one University sponsored event per semester (Homecoming, sporting event, Sharkapalooza, CommunityFest, etc.). In congruence with the founding principles of Fraternities and Sororities, each organization should be providing members with opportunities to socialize and serve the community while gaining valuable leadership skills that enhance the educational mission of the institution. Therefore, it is recommended an organization sponsor the following: • One (1) social event per semester • One (1) community service activity per semester • One (1) educational program per semester for their membership or Fraternity and Sorority Life community • One (1) philanthropic event held annually and is approved by their respective national or international organization. Finances: A chapter should establish procedures for collection of delinquent dues. Currently, organizations are permitted to have an account off campus and all funds should be monitored by the organization. This permission was given by the Student Activity Fee Office and may be rescinded at any time. Off-campus accounts should be used to pay dues and for inter/ national business purposes ONLY. New Member Education: The following objectives must be met in order to maintain recognized status: • A new member period must not exceed the time period recommended by the organization’s inter/national headquarters. • A new member program must conclude no later than one week prior to final examination time. • A new member must attend a university sponsored training/educational workshop regarding the University and State Hazing policy as well as adhere to them. Risk Management: The following objectives must be met to maintain recognized status: • Must follow NSU’s Student Code of Conduct • Must follow the policies and procedures detailed in the FSL Manual • Must follow guidelines outlined in their inter/national risk management policy Failure to meet such standards may result in a loss of privileges based upon a determination by the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office, which is not subject to appeal. Failure to meet applicable conduct standards may also warrant a referral to the Dean of Students for disciplinary proceedings as detailed in the FSL Student Conduct Process below.