2022 NSU Fact Book

2022 FACT BOOK 97 School addresses individual needs and offers both developmentally appropriate middle school courses and an opportunity for advanced students to accelerate their schedules. When appropriate, some of our highest-achieving students take Upper School-level courses in math and science. The Middle School’s cutting-edge academic program empowers students to pursue knowledge, big ideas, and questions. Dedicated faculty members use a variety of instructional strategies to foster curiosity, exploration, and creativity. Harkness discussions take place regularly in English and social studies classes, while the Modeling Method is used to engage students in science and other academic areas. The Middle School recognizes the critical social- emotional elements necessary for this age group to be academically successful. A specially designed guidance program helps students face some of the hurdles of adolescence—time management, decision making, academic scheduling, personal organization, interpersonal skills, and peer pressure. UPPER SCHOOL Academic classes are offered at the basic, regular, honors, advanced placement, and advanced topic levels. Working with teachers who are both accomplished in their fields and student centered in their approach, Upper School students participate enthusiastically in the classroom environment. On any given day, students explore labs, participate in deep and probing discussions, write critically and creatively, refine their thinking, and learn to solve cutting-edge problems. Students engage in conversations that could be heard at college seminars. For example, they don’t just learn the process of protein synthesis; they invent their own systems for modeling the process. The arts and athletic programs offer competitive, educational, and skill-building programs that support a diverse student population. The Speech and Debate Team is in the top 1 percent of all speech and debate programs nationally, the music program has been represented at all-state and all-county competitions, the Robotics Team is number one in Florida for design and programming, and students in the arts have had their work displayed in the United States capital and New York City’s World Financial Center. The athletic program, recognized as one of the top programs in the region, places emphasis on the student-athlete and honors achievement both on the playing field and in the classroom. The combination of an excellent academic foundation and outstanding college counseling has led many NSU University School students to attend some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Experiential learning at NSU University School exposes students to a world of hands-on opportunities that enrich academic life and help them grow into confident leaders, critical thinkers, and expert problem solvers. For students in preschool through grade 12, unique experiences in collaboration with NSU include fellowships, internships, capstone projects, and more. Fellowship courses in medicine and law enable students to interact with NSU faculty members and explore their passions in depth. Our ever- expanding internship offerings let students study local turtle nesting with NSU professors, work alongside NSU Athletics staff members in a Division II program, observe physicians in NSU’s Sports Medicine Clinic, or even learn how to manage finances in our Stock Portfolio internship. NSU University School students also attend the NSU Recruit a Shark Day alongside college students to secure internships, jobs, and community service opportunities from hundreds of organizations. Starting in preschool and continuing through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, grade-level curriculum is enhanced with the infusion of experiential learning.