2023 NSU Fact Book

92 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Colleges and Academic Centers NSU’s Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine has established the Employee Health and Wellness Center. The Employee Health and Wellness Center, which is staffed by family medicine physicians, allows NSU employees to be seen in an efficient and confidential manner. The clinic is open five days a week and is located in the Ziff Building. The NSU Wellness Program is delivered to all interested employees through this clinic. The on-campus Pharmaceutical Wellness Center provides advanced patient pharmaceutical care. Among the specialized services it offers are patient education on medication use, improved patient monitoring, therapeutic outcomes assessment, refill compliance monitoring for chronic medications, a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and medication therapy management, private rooms for individual patient counseling, and conference rooms for group sessions for patients with special- ized needs (smoking cessation, diabetes, etc.). Health care, however, is not only confined to the walls of the HPD centers, but also extends to the community at large. Clinical faculty members and students under their supervision, are actively involved at off-campus sites, participating in health fairs, screenings, outreach programs, and other patient education special events. In addition, NSU has partnered with hospital consortia, agencies, and service organizations to provide health care services to indigent and underserved patients. The NSU health care system provides for more than 260,000 patient visits yearly to the communities it serves and plays an even wider role in the health of the community. Patients of the health care centers benefit from the university’s integrated, multispecialty clinics because, with quick and easy referrals under the same roof, patient satisfaction and outcomes are greatly improved. As the clinical providers for a growing segment of the South Florida region, NSU remains committed to enhancing the health and well-being of the extended community.