2023 NSU Fact Book

16 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY library, and research laboratories. The campus’ marina and proximity to the ocean is ideal for field studies. Partially funded by a $15-million grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Center of Excellence is the only facility in the country dedicated to the study, research, and preservation of coral reefs. It was completed in September 2012. REGIONAL CAMPUSES u Nova Southeastern University has earned the enviable reputation for bringing the traditional college experience to students at various campus locations. For students living in Puerto Rico or areas in Florida such as Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Miramar, Orlando, Palm Beach, or Tampa Bay, attending NSU has been made convenient at our regional campuses. These campuses are serving students in these locations through the use of SMART classrooms, state-of- the-art computer labs, videoconferencing facilities, and other technological advances and student- oriented services. Diverse methods of course delivery for students at the regional campuses mirror those of the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus and include face-to-face, online, or blended formats. All campuses are staffed with full-time employees to assist with admissions, advising, enrollment, student affairs, technology support, and financial aid. NSU’s regional campuses help to sustain an on-campus atmosphere for students by generating diverse opportunities to develop friendships, form study groups, and utilize the full range of the university’s telecom- munication systems, providing direct and consistent connection with NSU’s Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus. Strategically and conveniently located, regional cam- puses are easily accessible for students and faculty members in any of the NSU markets. The regional campuses have established high-quality and efficient service, enabling students to finish their degrees successfully, while at the same time, providing them with a real-life experience that contributes to their personal and professional development. In addition to offering degree programs, they offer executive education programs designed to assist participants in career development. Above all, to uphold the excellent quality of our programs, the curricula are delivered by outstanding faculty members who are practicing professionals in their fields. In an effort to strengthen and support student satisfaction, the following services and facilities are offered at the regional campuses: • convenient day, evening, and weekend classes • computer labs with full-time staff assistance on-site • simulation labs • full-time staff to assist students with admissions, financial aid, enrollment, or general program matters • multiple compressed video suites for videoconferencing • training in the use of library resources • contemporary audiovisual tools • Internet connectivity, wireless network • study rooms • timely notification of important events through the use of mail, email, videos, and websites • student government associations • counseling services • encouragement of student-centered activities such as professional development workshops and graduation recognition receptions • p romotion and support of regional alumni organizations • fitness centers • student lounges • convenient parking University Facilities