2022 NSU Fact Book

122 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Student Enrollment Table 9 shows the mean and median ages of enrolled students by degree level. The majority (82 percent) of full-time undergraduates were of traditional age (defined here as full-time students between 16 and 24 years old). The age distribution of part-time undergraduates was more dispersed with the mean and median ages outside of the traditional student age range. Overall, 70 percent of all undergraduates were of traditional age during the fall 2021 term. Age distribution patterns for graduate students showed that full-time students are a bit younger than part-time students on average (Table 9). Part-time students enrolled at NSU are frequently working adults at various levels in their professional career. Many have returned to school to upgrade their academic credentials, while others are preparing for a career change. Students attending professional programs full time at NSU were generally in their mid- to late-20s (Table 9), indicating that most enter immediately after, or soon after, completing their bachelor’s degree. As shown in Table 9, the median and mean ages of full-time students fall within this age range. Table 9 Fall 2021 Enrollment by Student Age Mean Median Undergraduate Full Time 21 19 Part Time 25 22 Graduate Full Time 32 27 Part Time 37 34 Professional Full Time 27 25 Part Time 32 30