College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy 2023–2024 113 2. C heck Examplify to make sure your device has the latest version installed. 3. D ownload the examination file at least 24 hours before scheduled examination. 4. G ather all required materials. a. required computing device (laptop or iPad) b. privacy screen c. university student identification card d. pen or pencil 5. Gather any optional items you wish to use. a. charging cord b. computer mouse c. clear water bottle (without labels) 6. Gather any additional authorized materials approved by the course coordinator. a. nonprogrammable scientific calculator (with cover removed; e.g., TI-30Xa calculator) b. formula sheet c. other authorized resources Preexamination 1. The examination session begins as soon as the student enters the room. No notes, resources, or messaging applications may be accessed or reviewed once students enter the room. The only application that may be open on students’ devices is Examplify. 2. Place personal belongings, including white coats and all restricted attire/items (see Restrictions section), at the front of the room. Phones and smartwatches should be turned off, and items should be contained within a closed bag. Remove any coverings on laptops/iPads, if applicable. 3. Ensure a privacy screen is attached to your laptop prior to finding your assigned seat. iPads without privacy screens must be laid flat on the desk. 4. G o to your assigned seat. Students are not permitted to swap assigned seats. 5. Place your student I.D. next to your computing device in a location that is easily viewable by the proctor(s). 6. Review the Item Check slide projected/displayed on the board and double-check yourself for restricted attire/items. 7. Open Examplify and proceed to the password screen. 8. Sit quietly and wait for the proctor to start the examination.