College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

112 Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy 2023–2024 • activity-tracking devices (e.g., Fitbit, Garmin) • food (unless if permitted for medical/other reasons) and drinks (other than water in a clear container/ tumbler), water bottles with unauthorized writing • pencil cases • unauthorized reference materials or resources (e.g., books, loose paper, “cheat sheets”) • electronic devices (all devices must be turned OFF and left in bags at the front of the room) a. cell phones b. additional computing device other than the device the student is testing on c. programmable/graphing calculators d. earbuds, headphones, noise-canceling headphones (medical approved hearing devices, foam and cotton ear plugs are permitted) e. any other devices capable of storing/transmitting/receiving information Examination Penalties Course coordinators may apply the following penalties for examination policy violations: For a minor infraction (no apparent intention of academic dishonesty), the coordinator may impose a penalty of a 10 percent deduction from the student’s earned exam score. Examples are possessing and/or wearing restricted items/attire (see the Restricted Attire and Items section above), failure to use a privacy screen during an examination, and failure to provide appropriate identification (e.g., NSU I.D. or driver’s license). For a major infraction (likelihood of or evidence of academic dishonesty, the coordinator may invalidate the student’s exam score (exam score of 0). Any concerns regarding academic dishonesty will be referred to the SPCC. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be referred to the SPCC. Students may have additional penalties imposed by the SPCC in keeping with the Code of Conduct and university policy. Emergency Evacuation If a fire alarm or other emergency condition occurs during an examination at any site, the students will immediately leave the exam room and proceed to a designated area per campus instructions. Students at the site being evacuated will be rescheduled for a makeup examination. Pharm.D. Student Examination Procedures: Examplify Examination Preparation 1. R eview syllabus/Canvas for examination details, including examination time and authorized materials.