College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy 2023–2024 101 Student and Academic Services Admissions Shark Program The Pharm.D. Admissions Shark Program assists newly admitted students through the admissions onboarding process and helps with the transition into the professional degree program. Through early communication with college representatives, students are supported and connected to appropriate NSU resources leading up to the start of their first year. Adviser Program Purpose The Adviser Program provides students with individualized support and advice that maximize student personal and professional growth, preparation for employment, and life-long learning. Description The college assigns a faculty adviser to students in each entering class. Students are expected to formally meet with their faculty advisers each academic semester and maintain communication with them throughout the year. The faculty adviser is responsible for referring students to appropriate college, university, and professional resources, as needed. Student Peer Mentor Program Matriculating Pharm.D. students are each assigned a peer mentor who helps them assimilate into the Pharm.D. program. Approximately two to six mentees are placed with a mentor. The director of Student Affairs and designees at each campus facilitate the application process and subsequent training sessions for the peer mentors. Email Accounts All entering students are issued a university email account. Important college and university information will be released via these email accounts; therefore, it is important for students to check their accounts each weekday. Official university business being sent by email will be sent to a student’s NSU email only. Students must use their official NSU email accounts for email correspondence within the university. NSU employees will not respond to student email from outside accounts (e.g., Gmail). Students are expected to maintain professional behavior in all email correspondence. Emails sent to university or college employees, including faculty and staff members and administrators, must include the student’s full name, NSU I.D. number, the expected year of graduation, NSU email address, and assigned school campus. For example, Jane Doe N01234567, Class of 2030,, Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus.