College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

Health Professions Division 2023–2024 94 In view of health care reform and the Affordable Care Act, as well as all forms of health care insurance, we wish to advise those students who have health care coverage from commercial carriers—or the marketplace health care exchanges from states other than Florida—to check with their carriers to be sure they have comprehensive health care coverage in the region of Florida where they will be attending classes or practicum rotations. Cell Phones, Computers, Tablets, and Electronic Devices The use of all electronic devices for nonclassroom-related (i.e., personal) business during class time is discouraged. Visitors Visitors are not permitted in classrooms or laboratories on HPD property without prior permission from the college or department. No visitors are permitted in a restricted area at any time. If students are expecting visitors, they must request permission from the college or department coordinator and obtain permission from the instructor(s) giving the lecture that the visitor will be attending. No permission will be granted the day of visitation. Additionally, students should ask their visitors to sign in with the college or department receptionist and/or department coordinator when they arrive. Student escorts are permissible after sign-in. Visits to Other Institutions Students may not use their enrollment in an HPD college as a professional or graduate school student to gain expanded access to any health-related institution beyond what is granted to the general public. Visits to relatives or friends who are hospitalized are permitted, provided they are within visiting hours and all health care providers’ rules are observed.