College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

Health Professions Division 2023–2024 93 1. A ny student who has received a DUI or any type of citation due to substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc.) must notify the Student Assistance Program Office at immediately. Rotation site eligibility may be affected. 2. A student referred to the Student Assistance Program Office will be referred to the NSU Center for Student Counseling and Well-Being for an evaluation/assessment and testing. 3. Student will be responsible for fees. 4. Student will complete all forms and give authorization for processing. 5. Student will be responsible for keeping appointments. 6. T he Student Assistance Program Office will be in communication with the student’s college as needed and warranted. 7. A copy of the completed assessment will be reviewed by the Student Assistance Program Office. Recommendations resulting from the assessment will be shared with the student’s college. The assessment report will be kept in the Student Assistance Program Office and not in the student’s academic file. Student Employment Due to the intensity of all full-time academic programs, outside employment during regular school terms is strongly discouraged. Student Insurance Requirement NSU requires all students to carry adequate health insurance coverage; therefore, students will automatically be enrolled in the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan, and their student accounts will be charged when they register for classes. Students who already have health insurance must opt out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year by the given waiver deadline for their program. For detailed information, including waiver deadlines, access to the online waiver, NSU Student Insurance Plan features, costs, and more, students should visit the bursar’s web page at Affirmative Opt-Out Required For those students who already have adequate health insurance coverage and do not need the NSU-endorsed insurance plan, this charge will be removed from their account once proof of coverage has been submitted by completing the online waiver. To complete the waiver form, go to The online waiver is the only process by which insurance charges will be removed and coverage will be canceled. Students who fail to complete the waiver form and provide proof of health insurance by the stated deadline will not be eligible to have charges removed and will continue to be enrolled in the insurance plan endorsed by NSU. Waivers must be completed at the start of each academic year by the program’s assigned deadline, which can be found online at