2021 - 2022 COM Student Handbook

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine (KPCOM)—Department of Public Health 2021–2022 210 • If necessary, the student will provide the chair with a list of any witnesses he or she may have, in writing, no later than two business days before the meeting date. The student will be responsible for ensuring the presence of his or her witnesses. • Any witnesses will be called in individually to be questioned and to provide any statements. Any witnesses may be asked to remain outside the meeting room for later recall. The student will not be present during the questioning of any witnesses. • The student will be given the opportunity to present his or her statements to the committee. The student will only be present during his or her statements and to respond to any questions from the committee. • The chair will dismiss the student and any witnesses and close the meeting for discussion. • At the conclusion of the discussion, the committee shall make a recommendation to the dean. The various disciplinary actions that may be recommended by the SPAC are reprimand, probation, suspension, dismissal, and administrative leave of absence. • The dean shall review the committee’s recommendation and the student shall then be notified of the dean’s decision by certified mail (return receipt requested) or personal delivery. • The recommendations of the SPAC and all reports, letters, and investigative records shall be maintained in the files of the dean for not less than five years. This information is not part of the student’s permanent records or the student’s transcript. • If a student is unable to physically attend a scheduled meeting of the SPAC because of distance or location, an alternate means of communication by which to conduct the meeting will be established by the committee upon written request by the student to the chair of SPAC. Academic and Behavioral Disciplinary Sanctions A. Reprimand A reprimand is an oral or written notification to the student that continuation of repetitive wrongful conduct may result in more severe disciplinary penalties. Whether the reprimand is oral or written, it is recommended that the student signs a document in which the reprimand is explained, and a copy of the document be given to the student and placed in the student’s file.