2021 - 2022 COM Student Handbook

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine (KPCOM)—Department of Public Health 2021–2022 209 Policies and Procedures for Alleged Code of Conduct Violations Any member of the college community may file a written complaint with the program director setting forth specific violations. During the period of time of any disciplinary action, except dismissal, the student may be directed to comply with the specific requirements intended to rehabilitate or monitor the student. These requirements may include counseling, medical treatment, preparing scheduled reports, or any other requirement intended to rehabilitate the student and/or to ensure that the student is able to continue with his or her education without further monitoring. Records of dismissal, suspension, or leave of absence and the date of each determination shall be placed in the student’s permanent records. The SPAC shall have nonexclusive authority to evaluate all alleged student violations of misconduct, whether academic, moral, professional, or ethical. Exceptions to this authority include, but are not limited to, the following: • Nothing shall limit the right of the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine to immediately remove a student from the college who has been accused of a violent act or threat or any act that constitutes a violation of state, local, or federal criminal law subject to further proceedings consistent with these rules. A student who has been removed from the college shall not return until given permission to do so by the dean. • Nothing shall prevent the dean from taking action deemed necessary, including removing a matter from the committee’s consideration, whenever, in the dean’s judgment, such action may prevent harm to the health, safety, and welfare of any individual; to school property; or to the integrity of the educational process. • Nothing shall limit the right of the college or any of its representatives or students to file a report with any law enforcement or civil agency. Student Progress and Advising Committee (SPAC) Academic/Behavioral Standards Meeting Protocols and Process Proceedings to determine whether a student has violated a regulation, policy, behavior, or academic code of the college shall conform to the following protocols and process: • When informed of alleged violation, the chair of the SPAC will conduct a preliminary investigation. • The chair will then call a meeting of the committee and shall notify the charged student(s). The student(s) shall receive written notice of the time, place, and subject of the meeting. Legal representation or any other form of representation is prohibited during the hearing.