PCHCS Handbook 2023-2024

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS)—Department of Audiology 2023–2024 145 7613) has been successfully completed. Didactic courses in the program are only offered one time per year. If a student must retake a course, there will be a delay in the plan of study. Grading Policies, Procedures, and Course Failures Alpha Grade A AB+ B BC+ F Quality Points 4.0 3.75 3.50 3.0 2.75 2.50 0.0 Percent Equivalent 94–100 90–93 87–89 83–86 80–82 77–79 < 77 A passing grade must be earned in each course in the curriculum. If a student achieves a grade below passing in any course, the student must repeat the course during the next semester in which the course is offered. If the course is a core/foundation course, the student may not continue on in the program until the failed course is retaken and passed. Due to the course sequence in the curriculum, students may have a temporary interruption in enrollment from the program until the course is offered again. A course may be repeated only one time. When repeating a course, the student must earn a passing grade in the repeated course. Where applicable, assignments, quizzes, and examinations are recorded to the first decimal point. Only the final course grade is rounded. Final course grades are calculated to two decimal points, but only the tenths position is considered. Grades are rounded up only if the grade is X.50 or higher. A grade of X.49 does not round up to X.50. Students in clinical courses who do not earn a passing grade will be required to repeat the course the next semester. This may alter a student’s plan of study and extend the program. A clinical course may be repeated only one time. If a student repeats a clinical course and does not earn a passing grade, the student will immediately be referred to the CSP and may be dismissed from the program. A student will be referred to the CSP to review the circumstances of any course failure. While matriculating through the audiology program, a student is permitted to retake two courses. When a third course grade below passing is earned, the student will be referred to the CSP and may be dismissed from the program. Professional behavior is a prerequisite of the Doctor of Audiology Program. These behaviors are specifically outlined in all clinical practicum syllabi. They include, but are not limited to, responsibility, punctuality, confidentiality, personal appearance, ethical practice, and professional interaction. Students must earn a “Satisfactory’’ in each professional behavior category in all clinical practicum. Any student that earns an “Unsatisfactory’’ in any area will automatically be referred to the CSP for review of the circumstances and determination, which may include a disciplinary warning, disciplinary probation, course failure, program suspension, and/or dismissal from the program. Course failure may alter a student’s plan of study and extend the program. The student’s transcript will reflect the professional behavior grade earned in each clinical practicum.