PCHCS Handbook 2023-2024

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS)—Department of Audiology 2023–2024 144 Department of Audiology Academic Promotions and Progression The progress of each student through the curriculum requires continuous satisfactory academic and clinical performance. Since many of the curriculum’s courses are offered only one time per year, a student may have an altered plan of study if the student does not satisfactorily progress each semester. This may extend the student’s program. There is a maximum six-year time limit for program completion, which includes any requested leave of absence and subsequent return to the program. To graduate, each student must pass a comprehensive examination. The curriculum is divided into core/foundation courses, clinical courses, and other academic courses. The following courses in the curriculum are considered core/foundation courses. Students who do not earn a passing grade in these courses, where passing grade is defined in each course syllabus, may not continue in the program until the course is taken again at its next offering, which is typically two semesters later. AUD 5010 Neuroscience of Audiology AUD 5301 Diagnostics I: Audiologic Diagnostic Procedures Across the Life Span AUD 5301L Diagnostics I Lab AUD 5302 Acoustics and Instrumentation AUD 5304 Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory and Vestibular Mechanisms AUD 5402 Introduction to Auditory Electrophysiology AUD 5403L Introduction to Auditory Electrophysiology Lab AUD 5404 Introduction to Vestibular Evaluation AUD 5404L I ntroduction to Vestibular Evaluation Lab AUD 5405 Overview of Amplification I AUD 5405L Amplification Lab I AUD 6402 D iagnostics II: Site-of-Lesion Assessment AUD 6402L Diagnostics II Lab AUD 6404 Pathologies of the Auditory/ Vestibular System The remaining courses in the curriculum are not core/foundation or clinical courses and are termed other academic courses. If a student fails to earn a passing grade in any of these courses, the student must repeat the course in the next semester in which the course is offered. The student may continue in the program, but the plan of study may be altered as a result. Students must earn a passing grade in all clinical courses (AUD 6510, 6511, 6512, 7607, 7608, 7610, 7611, 7612, 7613). If a failing grade is earned in a clinical course, the course must be repeated in the next semester, and this will alter the student’s plan of study and may affect future clinic rotation and/or placement. If a student is terminated from an internship (AUD 7607, 7608, 7613) or externship (AUD 7610, 7611, 7612), the student will fail the internship or externship and immediately be referred to the CSP for review. Students may not begin externships until all didactic and clinical coursework (AUD 6510, 6511, 6512, 7607, 7608,